Vision Resource Center

Terri Thomas, Executive Director

Our experience with R&M has been nothing but excellent customer service and great tasting food.  The family members here love the food and they love the service when we go to the restaurant.  Our catering has always been ready on time and never disappointing.  The Vision Resource Center loves R&M.


Terri S. Thomas

Vision Resource Center

.....Serving the Blind and Visually Impaired.



  Floyd Shorter:

Director Fayetteville Business Center, Fayetteville State University,Lecturer, Director, Department of Management Fayetteville State University

Recently, my fraternity had the pleasure of sponsoring a reception at my home  for a distinguished U.S. Army General Officer visiting our area. It was suggested that I contact Vamekie Williams of R & M Catering to do the job. Well, I must say that R & M Catering performed superbly in the area of having a delicious array of mouth watering food items that were very tasteful and delicious . Additionally, the presentation of the food items were absolutely beautiful and stunning in which the guests provided excellent comments and rave reviews. I am looking forward to using her services again.

Floyd Shorter




                                          February 1, 2011

Carmen Wade, Program Coordinator

Fayetteville State University

1200 Murchison Road

Fayetteville, NC 28301

To Whom It May Concern:

R&M Catering has provided exceptional customer service to our students and staff members in the Department of Special Programs at Fayetteville State University.  The food is always fresh, hot, and seasoned to taste 100% of the time.  The staff members are always friendly and greet their customers with a warm and welcoming smile.  The store environment is consistently sanitary and inviting.  Normally, our office calls in orders during lunch time.  Upon arrival, our orders are punctual and repeated to us for accuracy.  R&M customers are also rewarded for loyalty by the punch card promotions.  We often use R & M Catering Service for our school events on campus. 

We have had nothing but great experiences with R & M Catering and we look forward to working with them in the future. 


Carmen Wade, Program Coordinator

Student Support Services


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